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Car Wash Singapore | Yishun Car wash

Premium Car Services

Premium Car Wash Services and Detailing Work
We believe in Service, Excellence, Memories, Delivering what we Promise

15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, 01-31 Win 5, Singapore 768091

About Us
Car Wash Singapore

Car Wash

At Restyle we believe Car Wash helps to improve the condition of the car preventing deterioration of the paint .

Car wash helps to improve overall condition and longevity of the vehicle 

Car Polishing Singapore

Car Polishing

Polishing at Restyle includes applying a mild abrasive to your paintwork.

These abrasives help the polish remove contaminants, oxidation, and light to moderate scratches.

Car Detailing Singapore

Car Detailing

Detailing requires the use of adequate auto care products that are pH balanced. 

This helps give the car owners a better solution. It repairs the damages caused by automated car washes and protects the vehicle as well.


Restyle My Car does Premium Car Wash, Polishing, and Detailing services.

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Our Partners

Fireball® is a Premium Brand of car detailing products developed and produced in South Korea. They are well known for their hydrophobic and silicon dioxide (SiO2) solutions, besides their usual range of shampoos and wax to suit your car interior and exterior needs

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