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Car Wash Singapore

Our Services

Car Wash | Car Polishing 

At Restyle we believe Car Wash helps to improve the condition of the car preventing deterioration of the paint.

Car wash helps to improve overall condition and longevity of the vehicle 

Washing the Car


Car washing at Restyle involves an exterior and interior cleaning

Our service offers an interior cleaning, which includes vacuuming the seats and floor and wiping down hard surfaces.

  • Wash exterior;

  • Clean wheels and tires;

  • Apply tire dressing;

  • Polish wheels;

  • Clean/treat exterior trim;

  • Polish and wax exterior paints; 

  • Brush, vacuum, and clean the interior.


Polishing at Restyle includes applying a mild abrasive to your paintwork.

These abrasives help the polish remove contaminants, oxidation and light to moderate scratches.

Depending on the product, a polish can also add oils or conditioners, which enhance the appearance of your paintwork.

Car Detailing | Car Waxing

Restyle believes that completing a detailed cleaning, or restoration of a vehicle produces a better shine. Detailing helps to protect paint and other vehicle parts against exposure to contaminants and UV rays. It can be performed on a vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Silver Car


  • Detailing requires the use of adequate auto care products that are pH balanced.

  • Clay bars are used to eliminate contaminants from the paint and then polish, glaze, wax, and add sealant to preserve it.

  • They also kill the nasty scratches and swirls made by automated car washes.

  • Repairs the damages caused by automated car washes and protects the vehicle as well.

  • Detailing car is a smart long-term investment.


  • Waxing your car involves placing a transparent barrier between the environment and paintwork.

  • Exposure to adverse conditions causes your paint to look dull and old.

  • Pure waxes coat paintwork with a protective layer

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