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I was searching for a car wash and chanced upon restyle. Decided to give it a try.

While the location is not ideal, they have made it up with their service and their delivery of the wash. I’ve been to many car wash and never really felt that I would return. But this is different and truly one of the best experience I had - Great service where the boss will explain to you their different packages in detail, attention to detail where they wash and clean every corner, and great price with short waiting time.

Keep up the good work, will definitely go back, maybe for the CNY package. :)

Hayden Ng

I don’t usually post reviews but I had to write this review as I felt they provide very good customer service. Chanced upon Restyle my car after I had I terrible experience at another detailer in the same building. Spoke to them and they went through their range of coating services, decided to go with their Dok Do package as I was looking for protect and shine. Was abit skeptic at least due to the cost and after some research found that some coatings cost only $200 plus. They were very patient in explaining and after doing my coating, Stanford gave me a call to follow up, as the next day I parked outdoors and there was a heavy rain, I was also worried the coating might come off. Standford assured me not to worry and I can still go back to them if I feel that it is not glossy or have any issues.
Follow up service was very good and will definitely recommend all my friends and contacts from car groups to them.
Restyle my car will definitely be my go to place for car wash and detailing !! Keep up the good work .

Fred Ng

Fantastic service from Stamford and his team!
Car was carefully washed, vacuumed and sanitized.
My car was sparkling shiny after the wash and interior was so clean that it felt like a brand new car.
Thanks guys for the job well done and keep up the great job!
Highly recommended to all who is looking for a car detailing company!!!

Fabian Tan


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